Our Family

Groves Mechanical is a family business and has been since we began.  Granny & Pap managed our company in Wichita Falls and then moved to Possum Kingdom Lake and their son - Kirby became an integral part of Groves.  As the years went on Kirby's wife joined the management team and used her expertise for bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting to help her husband and father-in-law.   

Granny & Pap retired in the mid 1980s, Kirby & Kathy retired in 2002, and their sons Kevin & Kerry became managing partners of our company.  Historically everyone in the family has worked for the company.  Even in the 70s and 80s Pap's son-in-laws worked for Groves so it was only natural that Kevin & Kerry's boys would have that rite of passage too!

Kevin & LynDee have 2 sons - Russell and Brian.  Russell is a film producer living in Austin and Brian is a member of the United States Coast Guard.  Brian married Lauren in March of 2011 and their son Hayden was born in October of 2012. Brian is currently stationed in Virginia and he is a Petty Officer 3rd Class.   During the summers while Russell and Brian were growing up and still in high school they spent countless hours helping their dad. Through the years they have found their knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC has proven to help them in many situations.

Kerry & Cheryl also have 2 sons - Lance & Corey.  Lance is an independent oil & gas service consultant and Corey is a student at Midwestern State University.  Following in the paths of the others - Lance & Corey have both worked at Groves Mechanical and during the summer of 2013 Corey provided much needed service work as a HVAC assistant to his dad. In December of 2012, Kerry & Cheryl welcomed their nephew Casey to live with them and just as the others have done, Casey has worked at Groves too.  

The walls, refrigerator door, and our desks remind us of our family.  Groves Mechanical is truly a family owned & operated business since 1966.