Changes Abound!

As the leaves change (and not as many brilliant colors this year...) - we get ready for the winter months.  What should you know about Groves Mechanical in the winter?

It is a GREAT time for those projects you want completed before the summer season!


Let us help you prepare for the winter by taking care of your winterizing needs.  If you do not use your lake home during the winter months - let's protect the home from the potentially harsh winter weather.

Water Heater Replacement?

How old is your water heater?  The install date should be written somewhere on your water heater.  Our company recommends that you replace your water heater every 10 years.

HVAC Service Agreements

We would like to routinely help you reach the most potential with your heating and cooling units. This is particularly important when you want a cool, comfortable home during that busy 4th of July weekend!  Our service agreements will ensure that we are providing the most efficient service for your home.  Please watch for our finalized Service Agreement plan.

Home Improvement

This is the time of year to schedule any home improvement work.  We welcome the opportunity to provide our unparalleled professional service to you and encourage you to call us soon to schedule your work!