Changes Abound!

As the leaves change (and not as many brilliant colors this year...) - we get ready for the winter months.  What should you know about Groves Mechanical in the winter?

It is a GREAT time for those projects you want completed before the summer season!


Let us help you prepare for the winter by taking care of your winterizing needs.  If you do not use your lake home during the winter months - let's protect the home from the potentially harsh winter weather.

Water Heater Replacement?

How old is your water heater?  The install date should be written somewhere on your water heater.  Our company recommends that you replace your water heater every 10 years.

HVAC Service Agreements

We would like to routinely help you reach the most potential with your heating and cooling units. This is particularly important when you want a cool, comfortable home during that busy 4th of July weekend!  Our service agreements will ensure that we are providing the most efficient service for your home.  Please watch for our finalized Service Agreement plan.

Home Improvement

This is the time of year to schedule any home improvement work.  We welcome the opportunity to provide our unparalleled professional service to you and encourage you to call us soon to schedule your work! 


It is Cold Weather Time Again!

These winter temperatures have arrived rather early! 

***Winterize - It is that time if you do not plan to be here in the winter months.  Call us if you need your place winterized!

***HVAC Service - Do you need our service technicians to help you change your filters & make sure your furnace is ready for the winter?

***Water Heater - Is your water heater aging gracefully?  If not (once it is about 10 years old...) - please call and we can install a new one.  Most manufacturers report that the life expectancy of a water heater is 8 - 12 years.  Check for corrosion on the pipes and water heater - if you have any questions or concerns PLEASE call!

***Special projects - Now is the time of year to plan those special projects and get us on your schedule for the winter/spring work.  Would you like to have your lake project ready by Memorial Day?  Call now and schedule our team!


Summer Hours!

Summer begins on March 1, 2014 for our company.  We will be opening our Possum Kingdom Lake office on Saturdays beginning on March 1, 2014.  We will be open 6 days a week through Labor Day weekend.  We will continue to be on call on Sundays.  Please always feel free to call our office and leave a message if we don't answer!  (940-779-3101). 

During the winter we have been quite busy.  This year we have had some cold weather!  Even today while the sun is trying to shine - the temperature is 28 degrees! 

We have added signage at our office. 




We also said good bye to Jarrod and hello to CJ in February.  We wish Jarrod the best of everything and we are thrilled to have CJ joining us again.

Of course just maybe our pride and joy is the added assistance we have had from our precious - Hayden when he gets to visit.  We LOVE it when he is at the office - but we must remember to take his picture the next time he is here!


This photo was taken by Kirstin 11/2013

This photo was taken by Kirstin 11/2013

We look forward to hearing from you soon!  Please remember if you have a project you want completed for that Memorial Day Celebration ---- Call now so we have time to help you.

Come See Us!








Winterizing & New Opportunities!


This is the time of year to consider winterizing your property.  Will you be visiting the lake in the winter months?  Will you be able to check on your home if we receive one of those overnight freeze events? 

What about your HVAC equipment?  Have you changed the filters in your units in a while?  Industry standards recommend changing filters every month!  

Winter (October - February for us) is also the time of year to take care of projects that you want to have ready by the Memorial Day Weekend Party.  What ideas do you have - Can we help you with those? 

Perhaps you need to winterize, change your filters, and finish that project.  Contact our office and we will be glad to help you!  (940.779.3101 or

New Opportunities 

Have you realized we have a new person in our office? Kerry's wife has joined our team.  Cheryl is with us 2 days a week.   

LynDee & Cheryl are scheduled to attend a training in December regarding financing and service agreements.  We have found that adding an option for customers to finance their equipment purchases and the opportunity to have a service agreement (for many of the things mentioned earlier!) is what you want.  So we are going to learn! 

A Thankful Time of Year 

We so value the service we can provide to you and the opportunity to be your mechanical contracting and service company on Possum Kingdom Lake.  Please let us know what we may do to better serve you. 

Many Thanks for You! 



Our Family

Groves Mechanical is a family business and has been since we began.  Granny & Pap managed our company in Wichita Falls and then moved to Possum Kingdom Lake and their son - Kirby became an integral part of Groves.  As the years went on Kirby's wife joined the management team and used her expertise for bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting to help her husband and father-in-law.   

Granny & Pap retired in the mid 1980s, Kirby & Kathy retired in 2002, and their sons Kevin & Kerry became managing partners of our company.  Historically everyone in the family has worked for the company.  Even in the 70s and 80s Pap's son-in-laws worked for Groves so it was only natural that Kevin & Kerry's boys would have that rite of passage too!

Kevin & LynDee have 2 sons - Russell and Brian.  Russell is a film producer living in Austin and Brian is a member of the United States Coast Guard.  Brian married Lauren in March of 2011 and their son Hayden was born in October of 2012. Brian is currently stationed in Virginia and he is a Petty Officer 3rd Class.   During the summers while Russell and Brian were growing up and still in high school they spent countless hours helping their dad. Through the years they have found their knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC has proven to help them in many situations.

Kerry & Cheryl also have 2 sons - Lance & Corey.  Lance is an independent oil & gas service consultant and Corey is a student at Midwestern State University.  Following in the paths of the others - Lance & Corey have both worked at Groves Mechanical and during the summer of 2013 Corey provided much needed service work as a HVAC assistant to his dad. In December of 2012, Kerry & Cheryl welcomed their nephew Casey to live with them and just as the others have done, Casey has worked at Groves too.  

The walls, refrigerator door, and our desks remind us of our family.  Groves Mechanical is truly a family owned & operated business since 1966.   





Welcome to our site.  We hope to offer you information about our company as well as proven industry suggestions to help you manage your weekend or permanent residence.  We will strive to offer helpful suggestions for keeping your plumbing equipment, electrical service, and HVAC equipment in the best shape possible so that you can enjoy these lifestyle necessities while at your home. 

Our company has been helping people in the Possum Kingdom Lake area since the 1960s.  We are dedicated to offering you the best possible service within a time frame that is best for you.  

Please visit us often both on this site and in person!  We would love to see you.